Church Tax Division Created
December 1974

“Church Tax Division Created,” Ensign, Dec. 1974, 77

Church Tax Division Created

Junior Wright Child, managing director of Church Welfare Services, has been named to direct a new tax accounting and reporting unit with the Church’s Finance Department.

A new managing director of Welfare Services is expected to be named soon.

The growth of the Church internationally and the increasing complexity of tax laws have prompted the organization of the unit.

“With today’s tax laws, every time wards buy or sell something, every time members give cash, commodities, or labor, every time the Church buys land or builds a new meetinghouse, there are tax questions to be answered,” Brother Child said.

“We will work closely with the Church Legal Department and the Finance Department to make certain that the Church complies fully and correctly with the various tax laws that we are subject to,” he added.

Brother Child is a certified public accountant and a specialist in tax law. A former president of the British South Mission, he has also served as a stake president, counselor in a stake presidency, member of a high council, and president of an elders quorum.