The Guideline Of Love
December 1974

“The Guideline Of Love,” Ensign, Dec. 1974, 69

The Guideline Of Love

“Love in and of itself will not solve the problems we have in learning to live together. For instance, if we want a child to learn to read, just loving him will not be enough. Someone has to be willing to teach him the mechanics of reading. It is because we love him that we must do something.

What can we do? We must realize that the kindest person in the world is the one who will help the child get control of himself. This is the person who will set limits.

Let’s compare this to crossing the Bay Bridge between Oakland and San Francisco. Traveling that freeway for the first time is rather frightening. Once you have started, there is no turning back. The traffic literally pushes you along, and as you climb high above the bay with all the traffic and noise and confusion, you begin to wonder what would happen if you should have a blowout or run out of gas. The fear of being bumped and knocked into the bay is real. But as you move along, you realize the steel girders and railings along the side of the bridge are there to protect you if you should get out of control and become unable to function on your own. If you should encounter difficulties that you can’t manage, the girders will prevent you from crashing into the water.

Imagine for a moment crossing that bridge without those railings. Consider our children without any guidelines for their lives. This is the finest love a parent can bestow—guidelines that give security and reassurance.”

Clyde Boyle,
Eighth Ward, San Jose California Stake