December 1974

“Mirthright,” Ensign, Dec. 1974, 57


As part of her prebaptismal instruction, my husband planned to read parts of the tract, “Which Church is Right?” with our seven-year-old daughter. After reading the title aloud she noticed the publisher’s name in small print at the bottom of the page—The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. “Look, Daddy,” she exclaimed, “they give you the answer at the bottom of the page!”

Valerie N. Bishop
Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England

An elderly sister in our neighborhood had been ill. My wife asked our daughter to go and see how old Sister Green was this morning. Donna returned quickly. “Sister Green said it was none of your business how old she is!”

Don Epperson
Austin, Texas

The branch president and his counselors were being released in sacrament meeting. The outgoing presidency and their wives were asked to bear their testimonies. The first counselor’s wife, who was eight and one-half months pregnant, began, “Brothers and sisters, I can’t tell you how much I’ve grown.”

Susan Brimley
Mesa, Arizona

While we were away from home during the Thanksgiving holidays, our three-year-old Laura received a postcard from her Sunday School teacher, saying how she missed Laura. This impressed our little girl. A few days later our six-year-old asked if she could see her grandfather if she went to heaven. Before I could answer, Laura declared, “Well, Roberta, I’m not going to heaven right now; my Sunday School teacher will miss me.”

Marian Muse
Silver City, New Mexico

Three-year-old Paul loved to learn Christmas carols. He came home from Junior Sunday School asking that we sing “Silent Night” over and over again. Puzzled by his fascination with this song, we listened carefully as he sang: “Silent night, holy night, Paul is calm, Paul is bright.”

Marilyn H. Porter
APO San Francisco

Eight-year-old Janet began to give the sacrament gem in Sunday School. She repeated the words: “I, the Lord, have suffered all these things, that ye might not suffer if ye would repent.” Then looking out over the congregation she said, “Please repent.”

Maurine R. Goold
Monroe, Utah

When Grand Junction Colorado Stake members recently built new facilities for a welfare dairy farm, large work parties would congregate each Saturday at the site. One day, a local bishop was attempting to cut off a rafter that had been left protruding from the roof. After some good-natured complaining about the difficulty of sawing wood over one’s head, he began to plead, in mock earnestness, for a power saw. His executive secretary, standing idly by, observed “Bishop, we have a power saw right here. It uses the power of the priesthood.”

Gary Loren McCallister
Grand Junction, Colorado

I was telling my problems to my husband and ended my conversation with, “I guess I must have a little devil sitting on my shoulder.” He cleverly replied, “He wouldn’t be there very long if you’d put your shoulder to the wheel.”

Mrs. Ronald J. Holyoak
Moab, Utah