Instructional Development Coordinator Named

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“Instructional Development Coordinator Named,” Ensign, Mar. 1974, 74

Instructional Development Coordinator Named

The formation of an Instructional Development Committee has been approved by the First Presidency to work with existing correlation committees and Church organizations that originate study materials to be used by the Saints.

Serving the new committee as coordinator of instructional development will be Brother Wayne B. Lynn, who has been director of special curriculum for the Seminaries and Institutes of Religion for the past four years.

Brother Lynn will direct the Curriculum Planning Committee that was established a year ago. This committee has the responsibility of coordinating the needs of the various Church organizations into a basic curriculum plan for course development.

The newly formed Instructional Development Committee in effect, becomes an agent to ensure that all needed study materials are produced and correlated for adults, youth, and children.

“Our assignment,” explains Brother Lynn, “is to make certain that the individual member of the Church receives curriculum materials that will assist in teaching all of the principles and ordinances necessary for our salvation.”

Augustus F. Faust will be chairman of the adult area, with Barbara J. Smith as his assistant. Josiah W. Douglas is youth area chairman assisted by Phyllis A. Roundy, and child area chairman is Douglas J. Larson, with Hermana Lyon as his assistant. Executive secretary for the committee is Marion Diane Pederson.