After All

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“After All,” Ensign, Mar. 1974, 80

After All

Without conducting an actual count, it would appear that of all the humorous remarks or events that occur within the Latter-day Saint way of life, 90 percent originate with children. At least, those are the statistics borne out by letters that pour into the Ensign each week.

While we enjoy children’s delightful views of the world—and enjoy sharing such anecdotes with you—would it be reasonable to suppose that there must be as many good stories featuring adults?

Have you had a chuckle over some Church incident or remark that you would enjoy sharing with others? Whether it be from home, family, or Church, we welcome humorous anecdotes, ideas, cartoons, and experiences.

During a family home evening lesson, four-year-old Scott was asked why we were baptized. Proudly he responded, “To wash away our skins.”

Capt. and Mrs. Robert M. Smith
Graham, Washington

I was tending a three-year-old neighbor girl who had just awakened from her afternoon nap. She sat on the kitchen floor staring at me, but I was busy preparing dinner so I didn’t pay too much attention except to ask her if she wanted a cookie.


“Do you want a drink?”


“Then what do you want?”

With bright eyes and a big smile she replied, “I just want some loves.”

Mrs. M. Dee Whiting
Salt Lake City, Utah

In our small town a dear little 90-year-old lady is “Aunt” Nettie to everyone, and she watches over the health and well-being of the entire population. One day last summer, concerned about a lifelong friend who was seriously ill, she put her hat on and walked briskly to the newly constructed tourist information booth. A few minutes later she confided to a friend, “I’m disappointed in that new information booth. They couldn’t tell me a thing about how Clint is getting along.”

Lasca S. Keele
Loa, Utah

My mother was telling me and two of my aunts about my father who had prayed for help and had successfully overcome a bad habit. “Hmm,” I mused, “Maybe I ought to pray for help to lose ten pounds.” An aunt observed, “Maybe it would be better to fast and pray.”

Janet Houston
Panguitch, Utah

After a recent family home evening lesson, we were discussing the standard works of the Church. We asked the children if they could name these and started off with the Bible. Quickly they responded with the Book of Mormon and the Doctrine and Covenants. Then there was a silence that finally was broken by our eight-year-old who said, “and the family home evening manual.”

Mrs. Herman Nelson
Lakewood, Colorado

The Junior Sunday School chorister asked the children if they knew what a hymn was. One little girl raised her hand and then pointed to the boy sitting next to her and exclaimed, “A him’s a he!

Eilleen K. Waddell
Boise, Idaho

While visiting with friends, my husband remarked, “When we were flying home after our marriage in the New Zealand Temple, and while reflecting on the events of the previous two weeks, I said to my wife, “‘It seems like we have been married forever!’” “You have,” our friends reminded us.

Mrs. Marilyn C. Kerr
Mt. Druitt
New South Wales, Australia

Once in a while, instead of a formal lesson for family home evening, we take our four little ones out for an activity. On one such occasion we were going to a restaurant, and on the way I was instructing them on how to behave. After a few reminders, I said, “Now you have to sit still and talk quietly.” Suggested our five-year-old, “We could sing ‘Reverently, Quietly’—maybe that might help.”

Elaine W. Vaughn
Spokane, Washington

A member of our ward watched as Mitzi flounced out of Junior Sunday School class, all curls and ruffles, with a gold star pasted to her forehead. Thinking how sweet she must have been in order to receive such recognition, he asked how she got the star. Matter-of-factly, she replied, “I stole it!”

Margaret L. Pfister
Upland, California

Four-year-old Kevin surprised his father by saying, “Daddy, I’m really strong in the Church.” Amazed at such a seemingly grown-up statement, father replied, “Oh, really?” “Yes,” answered Kevin, “I can open the big front door all by myself.”

Sondra R. Bowcutt
Brigham City, Utah