My questions concern children and temple ordinances.

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“My questions concern children and temple ordinances.” Ensign, Mar. 1974, 24–25

My questions concern children and temple ordinances. First, is there any need for temple ordinances to be performed for a child who died under eight years of age? Second, if a child dies at age 11, should the endowment work be done for him, and if so, how long must a family wait until this work can be done? Finally, what happens to a child born in the covenant of a marriage that ends in a cancellation of sealing?

A child who dies under the age of eight dies before the age of accountability. Therefore, he or she does not need the saving ordinances of baptism, endowment, or male ordination to the priesthood. However, a child does need to be sealed to his parents if he was not born in the covenant.

In the case of the child who died at age 11, he died after the age of accountability and should receive by proxy all of the saving ordinances of the gospel, the same as an individual who dies as an adult.

Usually, ordinances performed by proxy are not performed until one year after the date of death.

In answer to the last question, to be born in the covenant is a birthright blessing. A child in the covenant retains that birthright so long as he is worthy, regardless of the action of his parents.

This means that, if the child is worthy of celestial blessings when his days of probation are over, he is guaranteed eternal parentage.