Knowing the Song, Let Us Sing

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“Knowing the Song, Let Us Sing,” Ensign, Mar. 1974, 53

Knowing the Song, Let Us Sing

Third-Place Poem
1974 Relief Society-Ensign Writing Contest

We know that men in Bethlehem

waiting on prophecies and dreams

hoping for bread enough

and peace and home

never heard an angel sing.

From before the world was

we waited

from Eden’s birth,

over immersed mountains,

out of Babel

for him

meanly born in Bethlehem

to leave us tongues of fire

until he pierce heaven

robed in light

crowned with sun

at last.

While we yet wait and sing him

birthday carols

of the manger and the kings

of the shepherds

of the angels,

we wait on prophecies and dreams,

and tasting bread and water

we confirm

the stable and the garden of pain

the hill and the opened tomb.

Knowing the song, let us sing.

Singing, let us join the multitudes

when they praise.

When the trumpets sound,

when he comes robed in peace,

let us sing.