The Waters of Mormon
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“The Waters of Mormon,” Ensign, Sept. 1973, 30

The Waters of Mormon

I am not one of that choice

Four hundred and fifty souls

Who followed Alma to the place

And waters of Mormon,

That living fountain set in

Richly virgin foliage and flowers

And guarded by fierce innocents.

But I have come from

Those selfsame waters

Wherein I was washed clean

Of envy and greed

And laved with a desire

To bear another’s burdens,

That they may be light,

To mourn with those who mourn,

And comfort those

Who are in need of comfort,

And to stand, thus made clean,

A witness of God

At all times and in all things

Wheresoever I may be.

(See Mosiah 18, 25; Alma 5.)