Water Displays to Highlight Plaza

“Water Displays to Highlight Plaza,” Ensign, Sept. 1973, 95

Water Displays to Highlight Plaza

Currently under construction between the Church Administration Building and the new General Church Office Building is a block-long landscaped plaza that will feature three attractive water displays. As announced by the First Presidency, the central display will be a seven-jet fountain with water rising 50 feet above a reflective pool. When the fountain is not in operation, the pool will mirror the Salt Lake Temple. Construction of the fountain and pool, the First Presidency explained, has been made possible by substantial financial contributions from yet unnamed donors. From the central display, streamlets of water will run alongside pathways to Main Street, the west entrance to the plaza. At the State Street (east) end, a bank of water will cascade eight feet from street level into plaza-level pools. All the water in the displays will be recycled and reused. The overall project is scheduled for completion in 1974.