I Have a Question
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“I Have a Question,” Ensign, Sept. 1973, 20–23

I Have a Question

Beginning in this issue of the Ensign is a new department: “I Have a Question.” Readers who have questions relating to Church doctrine, history, and programs, as well as questions that deal with living the gospel today, are encouraged to submit their questions. Gospel scholars and Church leaders will be invited to answer these questions, which will deal with a wide range of gospel-related subjects.

The Ensign cannot, of course, replace counseling services and other such functions of bishops, home teachers, and stake presidents in answering questions of a personal nature or that should properly be referred to them by the Saints. However, we will attempt to offer perspectives on special questions of interest and importance to Latter-day Saints today.

Address your questions to “I Have a Question,” Ensign, 50 East North Temple, Salt Lake City, Utah 84150.—The Editors