Pioneers Receive Recognition

“Pioneers Receive Recognition,” Ensign, Sept. 1973, 94

Pioneers Receive Recognition

A hymn that went around the world, and an early Latter-day Saint settlement, have received public and historical recognition with a museum display and a commemorative plaque. The hymn, “Come, Come, Ye Saints,” written in 1846 by William Clayton near Corydon, Iowa, is the theme of a life-size display in the Wayne County Historical Museum at Corydon. Prepared by the Church at the invitation of the Wayne County Historical Society, the display opened in mid-July at a ceremony attended by Elder Mark E. Petersen of the Council of the Twelve. Music for the occasion was provided by the Des Moines Stake Relief Society choir, pictured above. While in Iowa, Elder Petersen also attended the dedication of a granite monolith bearing a plaque in memory of the Saints who lived at nearby Garden Grove and who provided assistance for other Saints traveling to the Salt Lake Valley. The memorial was erected through the cooperation of the Decatur County Historical Society and the Church.