It seemed only one more burden in the marathon of church activities
December 1972

“It seemed only one more burden in the marathon of church activities,” Ensign, Dec. 1972, 57

It seemed only one more burden in the marathon of church activities

Recently I found myself becoming aggravated by things that had never bothered me before. I resented changing the baby’s diaper. I became annoyed when my wife wanted us to do something together as a family on family home evening rather than watch the Monday night sports on television. Home teaching became an intrusion on my leisure time, and stake Sunday School meetings became only one more burden in the marathon of church activities.

I even noticed myself always calling on my wife to offer family prayer, rather than praying myself. It seemed as though nothing was smooth and special as it once had been.

Then one evening just before dropping off to sleep, my wife asked why I was so unhappy. Of course, I denied being dissatisfied, but I realized something had to be done.

But how do you change something that has you completely entangled within it? As I pondered my situation, the words of some scriptures came into my mind—verses such as: “Pray always, that you may come off conqueror; yea, that you may conquer Satan, and that you may escape the hands of the servants of Satan that do uphold his work.” (D&C 10:5.)

I felt unworthy to approach the Lord in prayer. I decided, however, to pray until I really wanted to pray. Some time later I did become sufficiently humble to truly communicate with our Father in heaven in prayer. I soon gained the peace of mind so obviously lacking in my life during the previous weeks. It was a peace that brought a complete change of attitude. As a result, I tried to inspire increased family love and harmony.

I have thought much about this experience, of what it means to have the blessing of the Holy Spirit with us at all times. This blessing, it seems to me, does not come from one awe-inspiring event or happening, but from an everyday struggle to obey the Lord’s commandments and to maintain communication through prayer. I am so grateful that the Lord has left instructions throughout the scriptures to guide us on these matters.