First Presidency Statement Against Pornography
December 1972

“First Presidency Statement Against Pornography,” Ensign, Dec. 1972, 83–84

First Presidency Statement Against Pornography

With the Saints gathered for general conference, the First Presidency issued a statement on pornography. Recognizing that “pornographic filth” continues to flood the United States and other nations of the world, the First Presidency message said:

“There is abundant evidence of the damaging effect of obscenity on the solidarity of the family, on the moral fiber of the individual.

“We, with many leaders outside the church, are deeply concerned about this growing obscenity in print, on record and tape, on television, and in motion pictures.

“We therefore urge Latter-day Saint parents to teach their children to avoid smut in any of its insidious forms. ‘Let virtue garnish thy thoughts unceasingly.’ (D&C 121:45.)

“The Lord has also said: ‘Set in order your houses; keep slothfulness and uncleanness far from you.’ (D&C 90:18.)

“We also encourage Latter-day Saints as citizens to exert every effort to fight the inroads of pornography in their communities. History is replete with examples of nations which have fallen in a large measure through licentiousness.”