‘I’ is in the middle
December 1972

“‘I’ is in the middle,” Ensign, Dec. 1972, 70

“I” is in the middle

I think all of us know that the scriptures can give us answers to personal problems and crises. But I have found it fascinating to find in the scriptures ideas for many other kinds of concerns.

For example, while reading the Old Testament early one morning I suddenly found the answer to a simple matter that frequently vexed me. It was an easy way to remember how to spell the name Melchizedek. I had always hesitated when I wrote that name, remembering that there is only one i, but it seemed that the i was always coming up in a different place. That morning it suddenly occurred to me that the name of this great high priest has eleven letters, and that i is in the middle with five letters balanced on each side.

It also reconfirmed for me the importance of recognizing that all of our Father’s children place themselves as the central point around which things revolve. Thus, when we can recognize the needs and concerns of all the I’s, while helping the I’s to be in the middle of serving others, life is in its proper balance.

Since that morning, I’ve remembered how to spell Melchizedek, but more importantly, whenever I see the word, I recall this choice lesson on the purpose of the priesthood.