What You Can Expect from a Lesson with Missionaries

They’ll pray with you

They’ll ask to begin with a prayer. If you’re up for it, they might even ask you to say the prayer. The goal is to invite the Holy Spirit to be part of the conversation.


What to Expect


They’ll read with you

They’ll read from the Bible. They’ll also introduce you to the Book of Mormon. As another holy book that teaches about Jesus, it is a perfect companion to the Bible and can help you improve your relationship with God. The missionaries will give you a copy for free, and they will invite you to read it and pray to find out if it’s true.

If you’ll allow yourself to perform this simple experiment, we’re confident you’ll receive an answer to your prayer.


3 Women's Experiences with The Book of Mormon


“The Book of Mormon has honestly changed my life. ... It has brought so much peace and clarity.” See how the Book of Mormon brought three different women closer to God.

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Meet with Missionaries

They’ll answer your questions

As you talk with the missionaries and ask questions, you will come to find answers to the questions you have. The missionaries will set an appointment to meet with you again to discuss more. During your follow-up meeting, they’ll teach you more about the Bible, the Book of Mormon, faith, repentance, and other key tenets of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Above all, the missionaries will respect your time and your desire to meet with them again or not.

If this sounds interesting or even helpful to you, we encourage you to sign up for a free, no-commitment visit from the missionaries.

Meet the Missionaries

Who are the Latter-day Saint missionaries? They're runners, chefs, musicians, artists, students – or in other words – pretty normal people. They put their lives on hold for up to two years to share the message of the gospel of Jesus Christ.


"If I could, I would totally be a professional rugby player."


“I was 16 when I first became homeless.”


“When I was 14, I started playing club soccer.”


“I looked through the peephole and it was missionaries. And I was like, man, I don’t want to open this door.”


“I call it jug fishing. I don’t know what anyone else calls it.”


"Whenever I thought about serving a mission, it caused great anxiety."


“I will finish my degree back in Holland and become a teacher.”


“I loved basketball. I wasn’t too good at it, but I was good enough to get a nickname: Rebound Hound.”


“Being a Christian in Pakistan—it’s definitely rough.”


"I'm all about Jesus."


“The first memory I have with missionaries is running away from them.”


"I never wanted to learn English."


“Don’t matter where it’s from, Texas has got the best BBQ.”


"My favorite thing in the world is music."


"My mom was super shocked that I loved dancing, because it was in front of a bunch of people."


“It’s just the best feeling ever to sprint down that line, having people on both sides cheering you.”


“When I came into my mission, I felt like an alien, like someone put me on another planet.”

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