5 Bible Teachings for Us Today

There’s a lot an ancient book can teach us about modern life.

The Bible isn’t just for people that were alive when Jesus lived. The Bible is still relevant for us today. Here are five teachings from the Bible that can help you in today’s world.

1. Love one another

Jesus Christ, beloved and rejected, intimately knew both the joy of love and the pain when it is withheld. So it’s no wonder that when asked what was the greatest commandment, He responded with love.

2. Have faith in God

No matter what we face in life, if we turn to God, He will use it to teach us and make us more like Him. In the Bible, we learn that faith is the act of trusting that process.

3. You can be forgiven

Because Jesus died, that means we get infinite chances to start over and live better. Learn more about what forgiveness and repentance means for you.

4. God wants you to be happy

Life is not to be endured but enjoyed. God wants His children to be happy. Although that might look different for everyone, the foundation of true happiness is built on the Savior Jesus Christ.


Sarit Catchatoorian on the Bible


Watch how living Bible teachings helped Sarit see everyday miracles.

5. Support others with love

Community is more than a shared proximity. It is a shared love—it is a family who cares.

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