Preparing for Referrals from

These pages are designed to assist you as a missionary to prepare for referrals from People submit a form online, usually after visiting or seeing an ad on Facebook or Google that makes them want to learn more. These interested people are called "Media Referrals."

Watch this video to learn more about what a Media Referral is and how to be successful when you receive one.

Elder Nielson explains how to properly respond to media referral requests
What is a Media Referral?

Resources for specific referral requests

Use these resources below when you receive a media referral requesting a specific item or lesson.

How to be successful

You're successful when you do your best to share a message and make a meaningful invitation. Not everyone will get baptized  but as you follow up diligently on all referrals, the Lord will be pleased with your efforts.

Two elder missionaries greet a referral on his door step

Watch how these missionaries respond and prepare once they receive a media referral. 

1. Contact the person as soon as possible

Follow through with each request for a Bible study by contacting the person. Text is usually best! Be prepared to discuss the topic they requested.

2. Give them the item they requested
If someone requests a Bible, don't give them a Book of Mormon. Avoid any approach in the visit that might leave the person feeling tricked. You may, however, discuss additional topics and scriptures as needed to clarify your message or answer other questions. 

3. Keep the Area Book Planner updated

Make sure that the information is as up to date as possible. The more information you have can help you and missionaries in the future be more prepared to meet and teach each individual.