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Dec 8
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Here's one book that brings light into many lives

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Jesus Christ didn’t hesitate to share inspiration with His friends and loved ones. We can make the world a brighter place as we share words that have inspired us with those we can’t be with in person.

People in the scriptures who expressed love from afar

Joseph of Egypt
After Joseph had been separated from his father for many years, having been sold into slavery by his brothers, he was finally able to send a message back to his father. Joseph invited his father to join him and his brothers, whom he had forgiven, in Egypt.
In the New Testament, the Apostle Paul wrote many letters to early Christians in which he expressed his love and support for them.
The Apostle Peter also used letters to offer words of comfort to converts in Asia Minor suffering religious persecution.
Mormon was a prophet in ancient America who compiled the sacred records of his people. In his writings, he actually mentions the people in our day, who he hoped would read his words.


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