Fast Relief

Go without a meal or two today, and donate the amount of money you saved to a food charity. Share a link to the charity on social media.

Dec 5
Dec 7

Before Jesus Christ began His mortal ministry, He fasted in the desert. For 40 days, He went without food or water as He prayed for strength and guidance. As we donate the money we saved on food to help feed the hungry, we can find strength in fasting like Jesus did.

Questions about Fasting

How do I fast?
Some fast by skipping two meals. How long you fast might be different for you based on your own situation.
What do I get out of it?
Many people feel closer to God when they fast. If nothing else, it can help you feel empathy for the hungry of the world.
What should I do while I’m fasting?
Many people pray while they’re fasting, asking God for special help with different challenges and decisions.
What if I forget and eat something?
No problem! Fasting isn’t all or nothing. Just try your best.
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December 7