DEC 20

Looping Luke 2

Read Luke chapter 2 in the Bible virtually with your friends. Record and post a video of yourself “receiving” scriptures (or a phone) from your right, reading a verse, and then “handing off” your scriptures to the left. Tag a friend to read the next verse, and then invite them to tag a friend to do the next verse. Try to get to verse 20!

Dec 19
Mary and Joseph hold the baby Jesus

The Christ Child | Official Trailer

Luke 2 teaches us that at Jesus’s birth, angels promised peace on earth and goodwill to men. When we take some time at the beginning of the Christmas season to reflect on that promise, we can set the tone to end 2020 on a hopeful note.

Who do you relate to the most in the Christmas story?

Missionaries saying a prayer before teaching an online Bible study
Find peace and goodwill in the Bible
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