Serve in your area while living at home


Contact your bishop and stake president.  Each mission will be crafted to match your abilities and the specific assignment. The opportunities for service vary, depending on where you live, your abilities, transportation, needs of the operation, and similar factors.  You may have the opportunity to serve in more than one area in order to fill the amount of time you are available to serve.

Some possible opportunities to serve:

     Local Mission Office.  Typical responsibilities might include office support, referral management, and administrative assistance.

     Seminaries and Institute Program.   Typical responsibilities might include greeter, office support, administrative assistance, student enrollment and recruitment, classroom support, special needs seminaries, and institute events.

     Family History Library.  Typical responsibilities might include helping patrons with computers, basic research, uploading photos, and indexing records.

     Meetinghouse Facilities.  Typical responsibilities might include building maintenance, inspection, and repair.

     Non-profit Organizations.  Typical responsibilities vary widely depending on the non-profit’s needs.  These assignments should be worked out with the priesthood leader, YCSM and parent(s), and the needs of the non-profit.

     Welfare Services:            

       Bishops' Storehouse.   Typical responsibilities might include patron assistance, stocking shelves, and organizing inventory.

       Deseret Industries.  Typical responsibilities might include greeter, sorting, restocking items, displays, moving furniture items, and patron assistance.

       Employment Resources Centers.  Typical responsibilities might include office support and administrative assistance.


Serve from your own home while living at home


Not all YCSMs have the option of going outside their home to serve a mission.  Transportation restrictions, lack of Church operations in your area, and your physical health may necessitate assignment(s) where you would serve from your own home.  With a personal computer and a high-speed Internet connection, you can accomplish much good work in the Lord’s kingdom.  Careful coordination with you, your family, and your priesthood leader is essential.  Some possible opportunities to serve might include:

            Family History.  Typical responsibilities involve computer skills, family history computer applications, and answering questions for patrons who contact Familysearch by phone, email, or social media.  Other opportunities include tech support.

            Information and Communication Services.  Typical responsibilities might include adding key words to member-submitted photos to make photos searchable and easier to find.   Other opportunities include software and social media support and limited opportunities in testing new programs.