Recommendation Process

Are you ready to serve?

Qualifications to Serve
All Church-service missionaries must be worthy to hold a temple recommend. They must be physically, mentally, and emotionally able to fulfill the specific call and its related duties. Prospective missionaries must also provide their own transportation and financial support. Church-service missionaries are responsible for their own medical and dental needs, including eye-care and prescription drug expenses.

Recommendation Process

To begin the recommendation process, explore current opportunities that match your abilities and desires.

Explore Church-Service Mission Opportunities

When you find an opportunity that may be right for you, click Apply Now within the opportunity description to begin your application.

Once the form has been submitted, it will be sent to your bishop, stake presidency, and the position’s operation manager for approval. The approval process may result in an interview or conversation between you and a priesthood leader or operation manager. Upon approval of all parties, you will receive an official call from your stake president and be set apart by your bishop as a Church-service missionary. This process typically takes only a few days, and you may communicate with your stake president for status updates.

Paper recommendation forms can only be used outside of the US and Canada.

What about other Church callings?

Church-service missionaries are encouraged to serve in ward or stake callings at the discretion of their local leaders, as long as their additional duties do not interfere with Church-service missionary assignments.