Be His Hands

See how Church-service missionaries have made a difference in the lives of God’s children.


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The Best Retirement Plan

Elder Philip and Sister Linda Rasmussen’s retirement plan includes consecrating their time, talents, and expertise to be Church-service missionaries with Farmland Reserve.

Their Lives are Full of Good Things

Church-service missionary’s lives are blessed by helping others with their family history work.


Living by Faith

Elder and Sister Butler show how helping others through difficult times can be a faith building experience for those serving and those benefiting from the acts of service.

Helping Others Heal through the Addiction Recovery Program

As Addiction Recovery Program group leaders, Elder Todd and Sister Camille Nielsen are helping others find healing through the Atonement of Jesus Christ.

Fully Committed—And Loving It

Elder Rick and Sister Sheilah Martin are fully committed to serving the Lord. That’s why they chose to serve a Church-service mission shortly after joining the Church.

The Balance of Justice and Mercy

Elder Sam and Sister Mary Moss learned the importance of justice and mercy as they served God’s children at a bishops’ storehouse.


Seeing with New Eyes

Elder Bryan and Sister Carolina Wahlquist now see each child of God with new eyes thanks to their time as Church-service missionaries working with special-needs Institute of Religion classes in Ogden, Utah.

Reaching the World—Reaching Her Heart

Sister Jennifer Wheeler is a host at the Church Office Building in Salt Lake City, Utah. Through her Church-service mission, she is reaching the world, and the Savior is reaching her heart.

Making the ”Wright“ Choice

When Elder Kent and Sister Selma Wright needed to find a new opportunity to serve, a Church-service mission just seemed like the “Wright” choice.


A Family Affair

For Elder Ken and Sister Kathy Virgin, serving a Church-service mission is a family affair. Not only are they enjoying the blessings of serving a Church-service mission themselves, but they are blessed to share the experience with their daughter, Sister Cheri Haggard, who is also a Church-service missionary.

On a Mission to Turn Hearts

As a Church-service missionary in the family history center in Idaho Falls, Idaho, Elder Steve Hiltbrand is turning hearts and experiencing the spirit of Elijah through his service.

Picture Perfect

For Sister Shauna Stephenson, taking photographs as a Church-service missionary is the perfect way to use her unique skill set to serve the Lord on a mission.


One Habit Worth Keeping

Over the last several years, Elder Paul and Sister Jeanne Nelson have formed a habit worth keeping. For them, missionary service has become a way of life.


The Mark of True Discipleship: A Desire to Serve

These days you won’t find Corlie Ann Pead gardening, reading, or watching her favorite programs on the couch. Instead, you will find her, along with her husband, Brian, serving a full-time senior mission in the Johannesburg South Africa Temple.

Laying a Great Foundation

When David and Kathy Ashby sat across from their bishop six years ago and heard his invitation to serve a Church-service mission in the Inner City Mission in Salt Lake City, Utah, they felt several emotions.

One of the Least of These

The fifth-wheel camper was ready, and Bill and Kay Geist were set to travel wherever the Lord called them to serve a mission.

The Lord Loves His Missionaries

Ask Elder Michael Vellinga what he and his wife, Pam, have learned during their last five years of missionary service, and they will tell you, “The Lord loves His missionaries.”

A Labor of Love

A Church-service mission wasn’t really in the plans for Paul Watt several years ago.


Serving a Church-Service Mission: A Perfect Fit

If you ask them, Chuck and Pam Durr will tell you that they are living their retirement dream.

Discovering the Path to Rich Blessings

Growing up in London, England, Alana McCormack thought she had her path figured out.


Clay in the Potter's Hands

You might not think a chemical engineer would know much about pottery.


Everyone Has a Place to Serve

When Christie Jameson read the announcement in her sacrament meeting program about serving a Church-service mission, she felt impressed [it] was for her.

No Reason to Miss This Opportunity

Have you heard about Church-service missions but wonder if your limitations are too great?


The Gatrells-Eighteen Years of Service and Counting

The minimum age at which you can serve a mission is 18. The maximum age... ask the Gatrells.

Elder Matsumura-Personally Called to the Work

A month ago... Jimmy Matsumura of Taylorsville, Utah, received a letter from his stake president.

Senior Missionaries: Needed, Blessed, and Loved

Serving as a missionary couple may be more flexible, less expensive, and more joyful than you think.

The Last–Minute Mission

A quick act of faith on a prompting to serve a mission brings answered prayers and many miracles.


Keep Calm and Mission On

After serving their first Church-service mission, Brother and Sister Peterson just can't stop.


We Need You

Church-service missionaries around the world bless lives and help move the work forward. [Video]


Are We Not All Beggars?

Church-service missionaries change the lives of the poor and the needy while serving as innercity missionaries. [Video]

Serving in the Bishops' Storehouse

Elder and Sister Aron discuss their opportunity to serve in the bishops' storehouse. [Video]


Help Others to Overcome Addictions

A Time and a Season: Church-service missionaries serve in the addiction recovery program. [Video]


Serving in the Employment Resource Center

Elder and Sister Riley help members develop skills and gain employment. [Video]


Life Experience Prepares Us to Serve

Sister Siller found that she could serve a Church-service mission even though her husband was still working full time. [Video]

I'm a Homebound FamilySearch Missionary

Elder David Busker and Sister Leora Busker share how serving as FamilySearch missionaries has strengthened them as a couple. [Video]

Providing Comfort to Those in Need

Though in a wheelchair, Sister Nelson and her husband serve a Church-service mission at the bishops' storehouse, where her compassion provides comfort to those in need. [Video]

Happy to Serve

Church-service missionaries in the bishops’ storehouse. [Video]