Your Church-Service Mission

You're Needed Here.

Church-service missionaries are given the opportunity to choose a schedule that fits with their needs, typically serving at least eight hours per week for a period of 6 to 24 months. Tens of thousands of Church-service missionaries are needed every year to answer the call and devote the time they have to serving. Specific calls may vary, but all Church-service missions work to provide relief, comfort, and support to people around the world.

See Church-service missionaries in action.


Thousands of Church-service missionaries set out every year to answer prayers and bless the lives of God’s children. Through these service opportunities, Church-service missionaries are able to do the Lord’s errand and help further His work. With the Church present in over 160 countries and the gospel taught in over 180 languages, there’s never been a greater need for Church-service missionaries than there is today.

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