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    We Want to See Your Photos!

    January 2013 marks the start of a new Mutual theme: “Stand ye in holy places and be not moved” (see D&C 87:8). We know that you are choosing to stand in holy places in your life, and we want to see your photos!

    Send us a picture of you standing in a place that’s holy to you, and tell us why you consider it a holy place. Here’s what several people have told the New Era is a holy place to them:

    • The desk where I paint
    • My room where I read my scriptures
    • The beach where I take time to ponder
    • Mutual activities
    • The temple
    • My home
    • The piano where I play
    • A nearby park
    • Any service project

    So, where do you stand? Take your own photo and send it to the New Era. Your photo may be selected to appear on, on the New Era Facebook page, or in an upcoming issue of the New Era.

    Here’s how to submit your photo:

    1. Take a picture of yourself in your holy place.
    2. Go to and click “Submit Material,” or email us at, and attach your hi-res photo.
    3. Add a personalized message about how and where you stand in holy places (such as, “I stand in a holy place when I . . . because . . .”).
    4. Be sure to include your name, age, location, ward and stake, and parent's contact information.

    To kick off this call for photos relating to the 2013 Mutual theme, the New Era magazine featured four different covers for its January 2013 issue (a first for Church magazines!). Check out what the youth on the covers say helps them stand in holy places. Then watch for the four covers to arrive at the homes of your fellow young men and young women—which one of the four designs will you receive?

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