Gospel Living App

Chicago: Youth
The Gospel Living app focuses on living a Christ-centered life. You’ll discover inspiring content like music, videos, images, activities, and goal ideas. And you can create personal goals, plan activities, set reminders, record your impressions, or message your quorum, class, friends, and family.
Youth Have It All in This One-Stop Gospel Living App


Discover: A regularly updated feed with memes, social media posts, short articles, goal ideas, activity ideas, videos, and music that bring you closer to Jesus Christ.
My Life: You can set goals, plan activities, add an impression, create reminders, and watch your progress.
Circles: A text-messaging platform that connects you with your quorum, class, leaders, friends, or family. You can also share service and activity ideas, goals, images, and more.
Today: A feed showing your planned activities, goals, and reminders. If you’ve shared activity ideas or goals with your circles, they’ll see them here.
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Don’t Have a Mobile Device?

You’re still able to access all the inspiring content online at Children and Youth.