Mutual Album Spotlight: Blessings

Brandon Harms

What’s the story behind the song “Blessings”? Stream the entire album on the youth music player or on Spotify.

I once had a seminary teacher who asked me to look for things I was grateful for.

2017 Mutual Album

So I did that. I really, really gave myself to just being grateful. As I did so, I began to see how gratitude is the beginning of all virtues. I keep a gratitude journal, and every night I write 10 things that I am grateful for. Over the year that I’ve been doing this, I’ve just noticed hidden things that I wouldn’t have seen if I hadn’t been looking for things to be grateful for. I began to realize more and more that there are things in my life I could be being grateful for that I’m not. At first, I was just looking at temporal things, but then I began to feel more gratitude for the things that are of greatest importance, like guidance from the Spirit or the chance to repent.

Counting all my blessings
Listing out the good things
Cause I know
That sometimes I forget

So when I wondered what I could write a song about, and when I prayed to know what I could give the people who would hear this song, the gift of gratitude came to mind. I know it’s so important, and I’ve seen how having gratitude can bless your life. I’ve listened to the Mutual albums before, and the songs have really inspired me, so being able to participate in this one is something else I’m really grateful for.

Drowning out the heartache
Leaving all the mistakes
That I’ve made, and telling them goodbye
Remembering all the things that are going right
Counting all my blessings

Everything we’ve been given is from the Lord, and having that perspective changes everything. Nothing we have or are or will be or have been is because of us; it’s because of the Lord. The Book of Mormon teaches that those who humble themselves instead of being compelled to be humble are blessed (see Alma 32:15). I think one of the ways that we could humble ourselves is just to think about how blessed we are and to focus on all the different things we’ve been given. And as I’ve done that, I’ve been able to humble myself. And when we’re humble, the Lord can bless us even more, both spiritually and temporally.

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