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    New Music Spotlight: Nothing Can Separate Us

    “Nothing Can Separate Us” is just one song from the 2016 Mutual theme album!

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    The 2016 Mutual theme album is a collection of songs written by Latter-day Saint youth about staying true to our beliefs in today’s ever-changing world.

    Before Zac Love’s brother, Christian, served a mission, he and Zac weren’t very close. They didn’t talk much and they never said they loved each other. But while Christian was on his mission in Mexico, the brothers emailed frequently and grew closer as they talked about the gospel. That closeness continued when Christian came home, and now Zac makes sure to tell each of his family members that he loves them. (Do you want to say “I love you” more? Check out these 30 ways to say “I love you!”)

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    “I’m just so grateful that I’m sealed with my brother and my siblings and my parents for eternity because I wouldn’t want to be with anyone else,” Zac said.

    That love and appreciation he has for his family is what inspired Zac’s song, “Nothing Can Separate Us.”

    “The message of my song is that nothing can separate families who have been sealed together in God’s temples,” Zac said. “I think this is important for youth to know nowadays because the world is not supporting the idea of the family. It’s tearing it down, and it’s so important for us to understand that this is the only way that we can make it through this life and the rest of eternity together.” (Check out “Why Marriage and Family Matters—Everywhere in the World.”)

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