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    Mutual Album Spotlight: “I Hear His Voice”

    Nefi Hernández

    What’s the story behind the song “I Hear His Voice”?

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    I’m going on a mission to Piracicaba, Brazil, soon. But when I read my call and it said I was going to go to Brazil, I felt weird. It was something so unexpected for me. In fact, I was preparing to speak English. I wondered if something was wrong. But I knelt down to pray to my Father, and I willingly said to Him that I was going to do it. And then I received peace. I received that comfort that I needed, and everything has seemed better. It is something that I hold special. I have had so many other experiences hearing His voice, but this is one that really touched me.

    Writing “I Hear His Voice” was a great experience for me. It has been a great opportunity to share my testimony. There is a line in the bridge of the song that says “I can’t imagine how someone like me can speak with the Maker.”

    And I can’t imagine
    How someone like me
    Could speak with the Maker
    Be healed by my Savior
    And filled with His peace

    That’s how I feel when I pray. When I feel the Spirit touch my heart and my soul, I think, “Can I really talk with my Heavenly Father and ask Him for any help?” And I can. If I feel sad or happy, I can talk to Him. That is something that is comforting and brings peace to my soul.

    For all of these wonders
    I can’t help but rejoice
    Cause I’ve felt His presence
    I hear His voice

    Anyone can feel the Holy Ghost. Anyone can be influenced by Him. Anyone can talk to Heavenly Father. It’s not just for members of the Church or religious people. The message of my song is that it doesn’t matter where you are or where you’re from or who you are. The Lord is always there to help you. God is always there to hear anything that we want to hear from Him. That is the best message that the song can bring to anyone.

    Elder Hernandez is currently serving in the Brazil Piracicaba Mission.

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