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    Idea List: Grateful and Glad

    Tamara Leatham Bailey

    Learn ideas for how you can become more grateful.

    To help us find happiness, President Gordon B. Hinckley has encouraged us to be grateful. When we recognize our many blessings—and show gratitude for them—we develop a positive, optimistic attitude. It truly makes us happier.

    How can you become more grateful—and show it?

    • On a fast Sunday, fast and pray for help in seeing your blessings more clearly. Express thanks in prayer that day.
    • Thank your parents for the sacrifices they have made for you.
    • Show gratitude for your physical body by starting a new exercise program, learning a new sport, or eating a healthier diet.
    • Write a thank-you letter to a teacher or leader who has influenced your life.
    • In your journal, make a list of people and experiences you are grateful for.
    • Make a special phone call to thank someone who has helped you.
    • Tell a friend thanks, just for being your friend.
    • Spend some time helping an older relative, such as a grandparent, aunt, or uncle. Express thanks for his or her help or example in your life.
    • When you have a challenge, pray to see the many gifts in your life. It will put your challenge in perspective, and you may even be grateful for the growth it will bring.
    • Demonstrate gratitude for your talents by developing one of them through lessons, practice, performance, a contest, or an art show.
    • Do family history or temple work for an ancestor as a way of showing gratitude for your heritage.
    • Serve someone in a Christlike way to show your thankfulness for the Savior’s gifts and for His example.
    • If you don’t already have the habit of saying thank you, make a point of developing that habit.

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