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    Make the Most of Your Talents

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    Think you don’t have any talents? Think again!

    If you missed the Piano Guys at the Face to Face event on October 20, be sure to check it out. With their musicality and creativity, the Piano Guys are wonderful examples of using their talents to serve, but they are certainly not the only ones who can do so!

    Just because you can’t rock out on a piano doesn’t mean you’re not talented. No one is going to have ALL the talents, but we all have some. (Don’t believe it? Read D&C 46:11.) And we have those gifts so that we can strengthen one another (see 1 Corinthians 14:12).

    Maybe you play a mean game of chess or are your neighborhood’s reigning jump rope champion. Are those talents that can help people? They sure are! Get a little creative, and Heavenly Father will help you lift those around you with whatever talent you’ve been given.

    Kuha’o may not be able to see, but he doesn’t let that stop him! Check out how he uses his God-given gift of music to inspire others. It’s pretty incredible.



    Mandalyn has a way with words and a talent for seeing the good in others. She started the Facebook Project to put that to good use. Every day, she sent five messages to five people and told them what she liked about them. Check out what happened!


    Marissa has always loved singing and dancing. Hoping to share the joy she finds in music with others, Marissa started a music club at her school!



    Maybe your talent is a more athletic one. But can you really serve someone by being a strong swimmer or a fast runner? Spencer did! Watch how Spencer used his talents to make his friend smile and serve as Dayton’s legs.



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