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    David Archuleta Answers Your Questions

    Missed the live event? Catch up on it here.

    Thousands of youth from all over the world tuned into this historic event with their families, youth groups, and on their own. David answered many questions, ranging from his musical background to Chilean culture to his relationship with God and his preparation for a mission. You can watch the full video of the event by visiting the Youth Activities website.

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    Question: Can you explain what a missionary does?
    Answer: David explained that missionaries teach people about Jesus Christ and His gospel. “Everything that you do—24/7—from the minute you wake up to the time you go to bed is about serving other people,” he said.

    Question: Was it hard for you to give up the Internet and cell phones?
    Answer: “I thought it would be hard, but I just felt free. I didn’t have anything distracting me,” he said. “I could hear my own thoughts better. I was more in tune with guidance from God and His Spirit.”

    Question: What motivated you to go on a mission in the midst of a successful music career?
    Answer: “A mission was something I’ve always wanted to do,” David said. He explained that when he was old enough, a lot of people told him that he didn’t need to go, but he never felt satisfied with that decision. “I felt like there was someone waiting for me,” he said. “Now I know who those people are—their faces and their experiences. Watching them change, and then me changing, was just amazing.”

    Being on a mission—not thinking about myself and focusing on serving other people—is what brought me closer to God than anything else.” —David Archuleta

    Question: How do you keep your life in harmony with the Lord even though you are surrounded by a lot of worldly influences?
    Answer: “A lot of people try to tell you, this is what will make you happy. This is what will make you feel good. And sometimes you believe them,” he said. “And then you look for it, and it’s missing.” After all of his success with American Idol and his first album, everyone told him he was experiencing true happiness. “That’s when I started realizing, you know what? I’m forgetting what’s always made me happy.” So he turned back to spending time with his family, pondering God’s plan for him, and going to church.

    Question: How do I prepare for a mission?
    Answer: “I would have liked to study Preach My Gospel more. … You’re going to be studying that every day on your mission, so why not start now?” David also emphasized the importance of daily scripture study and prayer, attending church, serving, and attending the temple.

    Question: Even though I may not be LDS, you truly inspire me with your faith and ambition. What messages of the gospel do you feel are universal with everyone you’ve met?
    Answer: “The biggest thing that I think everybody wants to feel and looks for is love. Everybody wants to feel like they’re loved and that they have a reason that they’re here. … The more you feel loved, the more you want to love other people.”

    Question: How has the mission experience changed your relationship with God?
    Answer: “Being on a mission—not thinking about myself and focusing on serving other people—is what brought me closer to God than anything else,” he said. David explained that he strengthened his relationship with God by studying the scriptures and realizing that he needed the Spirit with him to be a better missionary.

    “Every little thing makes a difference—from who you choose to surround yourself with to the songs you listen to to what you’re thinking about.” —David Archuleta

    Question: What are the most important qualities you would look for in a future wife?
    Answer: “They need to love the Lord more than they love me,” he said. “Because if they do that, then they have their priorities set. We can make the same kinds of goals together and in our family.” David said that he hopes that the girl he marries is confident, can have fun, can make him laugh, and is virtuous.

    Question: When was the first time you were able to recognize the Spirit?
    Answer: David said that because he loved music when he was young, he remembers how it made him feel. “I realized when a song would make me feel closer to God and when a song wouldn’t. It would make me feel kinda gross inside, kinda dirty,” he said. As a teenager, David started to better understand how the Spirit works. He explained that our conversations are a good indicator for whether we have the Spirit or not. “Every little thing makes a difference—from who you choose to surround yourself with to the songs you listen to to what you’re thinking about. … Just do your best to ‘hum your favorite hymn’ and it will make such a difference,” he said.

    To listen to all of the questions David answered and to hear the songs he sang (“If the Savior Stood Beside Me,” “Called to Serve,” “I Need Thee Every Hour,” and “The Spirit of God”), watch the full video on the Youth Activities website.

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