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    Cards for Sunday: The Apostasy and the Restoration

    Save and share these cards about the Apostasy and the Restoration!

    There are so many different ideas out there from so many different sources. Who’s right? Who’s wrong? How can you tell the difference? With the wonderful light of the Restoration, God has given us guidance.

    Download a PDF

    Download a PDF

    As you study and discuss the Apostasy and the Restoration this month, ask yourself these questions:

    • How does the Restoration help me see truth from error?
    • How am I blessed by the restored Church?
    • How can I strengthen my testimony of the Restoration?

    For some answers to these questions, read the scriptures listed in the Topical Guide under “Restoration of the Gospel,” “Joseph Smith,” and “Book of Mormon.” You’ll also find teachings on the Restoration in October 2015 general conference talks. Try starting with “Faith Is Not by Chance, but by Choice” by Elder Neil L. Andersen.

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