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    Cards for Sunday: Becoming More Christlike

    Save and share these cards about becoming more Christlike!

    You’ll be talking about becoming more Christlike in your Church classes this month. Now you can give yourself and your friends an easy reminder to think about this month’s theme.

    Download a PDF

    Download a PDF

    As you study and discuss how you can become more Christlike, you may ponder these questions:

    • What are characteristics of Jesus Christ that I can emulate?
    • How can I better follow the Savior’s example?

    For some answers to these questions, read the scriptures listed in the Topical Guide under “Jesus Christ, Exemplar.” You can also find great tips and teachings in April 2015 general conference talks! (Try starting with “Truly Good and without Guile,” “Seeking the Lord,” and “The Lord Is My Light.”)

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    Which characteristics of Christ will you try to emulate? Share your experience below.

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