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    Behind “Closer”

    Kyle Thorn

    Growing closer to God brings happiness.

    The music from the 2015 Mutual theme album was written and performed by youth. This is Kyle’s story about writing his song, “Closer.”

    I was home schooled growing up, but in the 10th grade I wanted to go to high school to get a high school experience. I wanted to be the popular kid, be the one everybody looked up to. I went there trying to fit in, I guess, and I started falling away from the Church and my family. I was more worried what everyone else thought of me than what my Heavenly Father thought of me. I would go home and I wouldn’t talk to my parents. I was like a different person. I wouldn’t talk to anyone and I’d be mean just to fit in.

    One day my dad pulled me aside and asked, “What’s happening?” It just kind of hit me and I was so sad. I thought, “What have I been doing?” And it kind of clicked that I needed to change and be closer to my Heavenly Father. So I started going back to church and trying to strive to do good things. I started growing closer to God again, and that’s when I started to be happy.

    I was more worried what everyone else thought of me than what my Heavenly Father thought of me.

    So I wanted to write a song about being closer to God and Jesus Christ. We have the Church and our families to help us stay close to Him. When I’m close to my Heavenly Father, it makes me a better person. I’m so much happier in my life. Without God, no one is really striving to do anything good. I felt if I wrote a song that talked about this, it would help others grow closer to their Heavenly Father.

    Both Sides of the Line

    My favorite line in the song says, “I’ve been on both sides of the line; now I feel the light and I never want to leave.” A lot of people have been on both sides. They’ve been on God’s side and on the side of darkness. The words “now I feel the light and I never want to leave” create this awesome image in my head of being happy. People go through hard times, and sometimes we need those hard times to enjoy the good times.

    Step by Step

    We don’t need to be perfect. It’s OK to just have a good testimony, love your Heavenly Father, and keep His commandments. He can bless you and help you overcome your weaknesses.

    In the bridge of the song there is a part where the music starts going up and it says, “I’ll keep moving forward” and it kind of takes a step down. Then it goes up again and says, “No matter what the cost” and goes down again. Then it says, “looking to the day,” and it goes all the way up, “when He can hold me in His arms.”

    Just like the notes in the song, sometimes we go forward and take a step back. Then we’ll keep going forward and we might have to take a step back again. But we need to keep going until we can see our Heavenly Father again. That’s the message of the song—if we keep pushing forward we will get closer to Him.

    You can listen to Kyle’s song and the entire 2015 Mutual theme album at or on the 2015 Mutual theme page.

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