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    25 Ways in 25 Days: December 12–18

    Celebrate Christ’s birth by lighting the world in 25 ways for 25 days!

    Jesus Christ is the Light of the World. When we let our own light so shine by serving others, we help others feel Christ’s light and love (see Matthew 5:16). Christ served others in many different ways, and so can you! Each week we will post ways for you to serve others as Christ would. Celebrate Christ’s birth by lighting the world by serving in 25 ways for 25 days! You can share your experiences, testimony, and other messages on social media using #LightTheWorld.

    December 12: I will teach others.

    Jesus taught others and so can you

    See Matthew 5:1–3

    History’s most powerful lessons weren’t taught in a classroom but on a hillside, aboard a ship, and along the dusty roads of Palestine. Like Jesus, we can find important teaching moments anywhere—all we have to do is look for them.

    • Share your favorite teaching story of Jesus on social media.
    • Pass down something you learned from your parents or grandparents.
    • Invite friends into your home for family home evening.

    December 13: I will show humility.

    Jesus showed humility and so can you

    See Luke 22:41–42

    Whether washing the feet of His Apostles or bending under the weight of unimaginable suffering, Jesus Christ showed us that true strength comes from true humility.

    • Learn to laugh at yourself. Start by posting an embarrassing childhood picture.
    • Do some bragging today—about someone else.
    • Discover how we can learn humility from children.
    • Ask someone for some honest advice on a personal problem you’re facing.

    December 14: I will help clothe others.

    Jesus taught us to clothe the naked and so can you

    See Matthew 25:38–40

    Jesus Christ taught that our possessions are most valuable when we give them away—especially with His admonition to clothe the naked. Through the act of giving, our articles of clothing can provide the same warmth provided by the swaddling clothes that encircled the newborn king.

    • Recently bought some new clothes? Donate some old ones to a charity or thrift store.
    • Collect winter clothing (old or new) for your local homeless shelter.
    • Learn about how we should love those in need from a wise king (see Mosiah 4:14–27).

    December 15: I will worship through song.

    Jesus worshipped through song and so can you

    See Matthew 26:26–30

    During the Last Supper, on the eve of the most difficult and trying moments of His life, Jesus sang hymns with His disciples, showing us the strength we can find as we worship through song.

    • Do some Christmas caroling over video chat.
    • Learn a new Christmas hymn. Here’s a classic.
    • Watch the Mormon Tabernacle Choir sing the “Hallelujah” chorus with the world’s largest virtual choir.
    • Make a Christmas playlist and share it.
    • Go Christmas caroling to the widows, widowers, and lonely in your neighborhood or church congregation.

    December 16: I will show compassion.

    Jesus showed compassion and so can you

    See Matthew 14:14

    The most succinct verse in the Bible tells us simply that “Jesus wept.” And yet it speaks volumes about the compassion Jesus Christ felt for others. Like Him, we can respond to suffering with concern, mercy, and healing.

    • Participate in a local sub-for-Santa for a family that could use some holiday cheer.
    • Volunteer to babysit the children of a single parent so he or she can finish Christmas shopping.
    • Try leaving only encouraging comments on social media.

    December 17: I will care for my mother.

    Jesus cared for His mother and so can you

    See John 19:25–27

    In Bethlehem, Mary was there to bring Jesus Christ into the world. As He left the world behind, she was there too. In the midst of His deepest suffering, Jesus looked upon His mother with love and concern. He commanded the Apostle John to care for her as if she were his own. Today, Christ’s words apply to us too: “Behold thy mother.”

    • Get to know your mom better.
    • Help your mother understand a new form of technology.
    • Re-create a photo from your childhood and give it to your mother. These can be hilarious!
    • Set a goal to pray for and give thanks for your mother every day.
    • Learn more about how Heavenly Father feels about mothers.

    December 18: I will honor the Sabbath.

    Jesus honored the Sabbath and so can you

    See Matthew 12:11–13

    On the Sabbath, Jesus did His Father’s work as He healed the sick and attended to the needs of His disciples. As we strengthen the quality of our worship on the Lord’s day, we will find that Sunday truly is a day of rest, not just for the body, but for the soul.

    • Turn off your phone for a few hours today.
    • Memorize a favorite scripture or religious quote.
    • Discover your ancestors by doing your family history. FamilySearch can help you get started.
    • Spend some time updating—or starting—your own personal history.
    • Check out “5 Ways to Make Sundays More Meaningful.”

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