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    12 Ways to Use the 2018 Mutual Theme: “Peace in Christ”

    Charlotte Larcabal

    Here’s everything you need to get you started with the 2018 Mutual theme!

    “Learn of me, and listen to my words; walk in the meekness of my Spirit, and you shall have peace in me” (D&C 19:23).

    The 2018 Mutual theme is a yearlong reminder of a powerful promise from the Savior: no matter what we are facing, we can have peace in Him. Jesus Christ even tells us exactly how to obtain that peace: learn, listen, and walk with Him.

    The Young Women and Young Men General Presidencies have invited “all the youth of the Church to memorize this verse. Use it as a guide in your life. When the mists of darkness swirl about you and seem overwhelming, you will be able to bring this verse to mind, follow its pattern, and anchor yourself to the sure and certain foundations of Jesus Christ” (see the January 2018 New Era).

    But memorizing the theme scripture is only one way you can use the Mutual theme. Here are 12 more ideas:

    1. Find examples in the scriptures of how people found peace in Christ. What happened? How can you follow their example? Teach a family home evening lesson about it.
    2. Have a fireside or bishop’s youth discussion to kick off the year. Discuss the theme scripture and how you will use it and apply the principles.
    3. Use it as the theme for your camps and other activities. There are even designs for T-shirts you can use!
    4. Recite the theme scripture at the beginning of Mutual opening exercises.
    5. Follow LDS Youth on InstagramFacebook, and YouTube to receive weekly inspiring messages on the theme.
    6. Check out the LDS Youth website every week for new messages about finding peace in Christ. Did you know there’s also an LDS Youth app?
    7. Learn a new song on the piano. You can download the sheet music to “Peace in Christ” on the theme page.
    8. Think about the theme scripture when you plan lessons using Come, Follow Me. For example, February’s topic is the plan of salvation. You could use the theme scripture to talk about why learning of Christ is an important part of Heavenly Father’s plan or how having peace in Christ can help us during times of adversity.
    9. Download and print a poster from the theme page to keep in the classroom.
    10. Watch for the animated videos starring the characters shown on the posters. New stories featuring these characters will be released throughout the year.
    11. Listen to and download the brand-new music from the 2018 Mutual album.
    12. Look for the theme messages in the New Era and Liahona each month!

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