Family History Youth Conference

Youth conferences are usually held once a year on a ward or stake level. It’s a chance to help youth learn, grow, and have an uplifting, spiritual experience. Family history is a perfect theme for a youth conference.  It provides hands-on activity, service, and opportunities to teach about the spiritual benefits of temple ordinances.

Schedule Options

A youth conference can be a multi- or single-day event. When scheduling all the events and aspects of a family history youth conference, you may want to consider some of the following suggestions:

Kickoff Event

Select a theme for your conference. Utilize the theme to tie together all of the activities at the conference. Consider using a youth devotional or a presentation by a youth planning committee as your kickoff event 

Hands-On Activities

Visit the family history activities page to find suggestions for many activities you can do to help family history be meaningful for the youth.

Service Projects

Create an indexing challenge among the youth or help adult members in the ward or stake to further their family history work by:

  • Scanning and uploading photos to FamilySearch.
  • Entering My Family: Stories That Bring Us Together booklet information in the tree.
  • Capturing living memory stories on

Closing Event

This is a chance to gather everyone together and discuss experiences shared at the conference. Examples include a devotional with inspirational messages from youth who participated, a testimony meeting with the opportunity for any youth to share their experiences, or a video presentation from the list shared on the Youth Devotional page.

Additional Resources

The Youth Activities Page contains many more ideas.