Family Discovery Day

Connect Your Family—Past and Present.

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Attend family discovery day, and learn how to strengthen your family across generations. Hear encouraging messages from experts in the industry and other popular speakers who will help inspire you to:

  • Seek your ancestors
  • Build your family tree
  • Discover and share your family's stories

Class topics will include some of the following:

Stories: Digitizing and documenting your own story and learning interviewing techniques to record your family’s stories.

Technology: Furthering family history efforts using the latest and greatest technology available today.

Find and Preserve: Researching to gather family records and perserving them for future generations.

Organize and Share: Consolidating family memorabilia and sharing with relatives.

Whether you’re just starting your family tree, an avid hobbyist, or an experienced researcher, we have something for everyone!

Attendance is free!

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