I Am a Pioneer


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Our journey in life is unique to each of us. We don’t have to pull a handcart or settle in the untamed wilderness to be a pioneer. As we press forward with faith, we leave a legacy of hope for future generations to follow. Read about the faith and courage of some early and modern pioneers below. Then visit FamilySearch.org to discover and share your legacy for those who will come after you.

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The Desires of Her Heart: Janace Stout

A battle with cancer led Janace on an unexpected journey toward the fulfillment of her heart’s desire.

A Legacy of Dedication: Joseph Stacy Murdock

This early pioneer determined to always do God’s will despite continuous encounters with opposition.

The Greatest Adventure: Milton Soares

For this Brazilian explorer, a leap of faith led to the adventure of a lifetime.

Forging a New Frontier with Faith

As a mother in the midst of a divorce and health challenges, Rachel relied on her faith to move forward.

An Inherited Heritage

Early Mormon pioneers left a rich spiritual heritage that belongs to all Latter-day Saints.