Lock-Screen Scriptures
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“Lock-Screen Scriptures,” New Era, August 2018

Lock-Screen Scriptures

The author lives in Utah, USA.

How could I stay focused on my scriptures when I felt so busy?

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For a long time, I wanted to focus more on my scriptures, but I felt so busy. I have both school and dance, and I felt that I didn’t have enough time or energy. Then, when I was listening to general conference, I heard a talk that asked us to renew our focus on our scriptures every day. I knew my scriptures would make me happier and bless me—I just needed to find a way to remember them even when I was busy. I knew I could do it, though, because I had faith in myself and in the promises of prophets.

I came up with the idea to make my phone’s lock screen a scripture. That way, every time I turn on my phone, I think of the scriptures. I can keep the scriptures on my mind all the time. I choose a new scripture every week, and I specifically choose it based on either a topic I’m struggling with or what we have been learning in Young Women.

One week, I chose Luke 1:37 for my lock screen: “For with God nothing shall be impossible.” I chose it because I had been stressed out about school for several weeks, and I wanted to keep in mind that we can do anything if we have hope and faith. That week, I was doing a math packet for class that was very hard. I started to feel really discouraged. I wanted to give up, and I almost did—until I saw that scripture on my phone: “For with God nothing shall be impossible.” I knew that I could do my math because it was not impossible. I just needed to believe in myself and in God. I said a prayer to help me focus and give me hope. I felt that God was with me, and I was able to focus and get it done.

I immediately started to see the blessings in my life of keeping my focus on the scriptures. The scriptures can help me in many ways, even if it’s as simple as getting a math packet done. Now, if I’m having a rough day, I know I can turn on my phone and the scripture will be there to make me happy. If I am scared or nervous, I look at the scripture and know that everything is going to be OK. Doing this simple thing has helped me feel good because I know that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ are with me no matter what.