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“@LDSYouth,” New Era, August 2018


I love church now! I’m Julieta. I was baptized a year ago. I learned about the Church accidentally when my father met the missionaries. Because of him we got to know the missionaries better. When I first started coming to church, it was really hard. Even after I was baptized, I needed to be persuaded to go. It felt like an obligation. Later, after I participated in youth conference, I started to love going to church. I gained a testimony and came to love the Church. Now I really love to attend church.

Julieta A., 17, Yerevan, Armenia

Young men

I love walking on trails, hammocking, and just stargazing. I also experiment with wood carving and woodburning. The sacrament is also important to me. Every Sunday morning, I get up to make homemade bread for the sacrament. Through just a few minutes of work, I can help dozens of people. But the biggest drive for me is when I take the sacrament to those who can’t make it to church. Their gratitude strengthens my testimony of service and the power of the sacrament.

Jonah P., 17, Arkansas, USA

Young women

I like to play piano and spend time with friends. My favorite subject in school is art. I’ve completed a year of seminary. Seminary is very demanding, starting every morning at 6:00. But actually it’s fun because you can read the scriptures, and if you have questions, they can be answered. When you go to seminary, you’re prepared and your day is strengthened. You can then go to school with the Spirit. The gospel brings you rest and peace.

Tamina W., 14, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany