Fun Stop
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“Fun Stop,” New Era, August 2018

Fun Stop

New Era Magazine, 2018/08 Aug

Illustrations by Josh Talbot

The Extra Smile


Only five more trips up the stairs and I should be ready to carry all my homework in my backpack next week!

Val Chadwick Bagley

Funstop cartoon

C’Mon! Those are running shoes!

They don’t seem to be working.

Ryan Stoker


They’re nice, Laman—but I don’t think you can waterski behind this boat.

Jon Clark

To Solve or Not to Solve?

You can tell that this year is going to be an interesting one in your new drama class. In the prop closet, one cardboard box contains two red hats. Another box contains two blue hats. A third box contains one red and one blue hat.

Each of the three boxes is labeled, but all labels are wrong. Your drama teacher explains that quick thinking is a valuable asset to any aspiring actor (that, and she also seems to like puzzles).

Your teacher poses the following challenge to you and your fellow stars of the stage: by opening only one box, without looking inside, and only removing one hat at random to inspect, how could you correctly determine the contents of all three boxes? The one who answers correctly gets to wear a Shakespearian crown for the remainder of class.

New School Jitters

Ready for some back-to-school funnies? Grab a friend or family member and fill out the blank spaces before reading the story.

The first [amount of time] in a new school can be a(n) [adjective] experience. But if you’re [adjective] , you can survive it without any major [plural noun] . Go to bed early the night before, but don’t stay up [verb ending in -ing] about the next day. Think [adjective] thoughts. Don’t spend too much time deciding which clothes to [verb] . Anything from your [noun] will do, as long as it’s [adjective] . After you wake up, [verb] at yourself in the noun and say, “ [first name] , you’re going to have a(n) [adjective] day.” [verb] a good breakfast— [number] eggs or a bowl of [food] should do. When you verb at school, be sure to [verb] . People will see that you’re [adjective] and will want to talk to you. Then they’ll think, “ [Exclamation] ! That new [noun] sure is [adjective] !”

Temple Time

Can you identify this European temple?

  1. Rome Italy Temple

  2. Bern Switzerland Temple

  3. London England Temple

  4. Paris France Temple

Solving in Circles

Have you ever worked hard at something only to end up right back where you started? It’s not so fun when that happens in video game boss battles or science project experiments, but it’s the perfect way to solve this puzzle.

Starting at the first word, change the previous word by only one letter to reach the new word. At the end, you’ll be only one letter away from the original word.


  1. The opposite of messy.

  2. Made of mud, leaves, twigs, and feathers, it’s the ultimate in eco-friendly housing.

  3. President Dallin H. Oaks taught that sometimes we have to give up “good,” and even “better” things to make room for this.

  4. A percussionist’s chief responsibility.

  5. Keep an eye out for this animal if you ever choose to mock Elisha (see 2 Kings 2:23–24).

  6. The Apostle Paul wrote, “God has not given us the spirit of _____; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind” (2 Timothy 1:7).

  7. Cooking meat with high heat for a short time on each side.

  8. Flying at a great height.

  9. Tusks are his major fashion feature.

  10. Nephi had never built one of these before, but he didn’t let that stop him.

  11. A watery deterrent against castle raids.

  12. The resurrected Jesus Christ asked his disciples for this to eat (see Luke 24:41).


To Solve or Not to Solve?

Choose the box labeled “One red hat and one blue hat.” Because you know all labels are wrong, this one is either two blue hats or two red hats. Picking one hat from this box will let you know which, and the other two boxes can then be worked out by elimination.

Sutton: purple, blue

Easton: green, blue

Temple Time

A. Rome Italy Temple

Pioneer Puzzler

A. Brigham Young

Solving in Circles

  1. neat

  2. nest

  3. best

  4. beat

  5. bear

  6. fear

  7. sear

  8. soar

  9. boar

  10. boat

  11. moat

  12. meat