Fun Stop

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“Fun Stop,” New Era, March 2018

Fun Stop

New Era Magazine, 2018/03 March
New Era Magazine, 2018/03 March

The Extra Smile


What did I tell you, Mr. Verde? Luck is no substitution for proper preparation!

Arie Van De Graaff


Um … so just tip your head to the side like this, and maybe no one will notice!

Ryan Stoker


Sure tempted to write “It came to pass” as “ICTP” …

Jon Clark


Let’s say Goliath DID join the Church, who was going to baptize him?

Val Chadwick Bagley

St. Patrick’s Day Puzzler

What kind of music does a leprechaun band play? To find out, put the four-leaf clovers in order from completely empty to completely filled in. Copy the letters into the spaces once you have the order figured out.

Ice Cream Quandary

Your quirky uncle has invited you and your siblings over for ice cream sundaes. But first, you must solve his riddle. Can you place the cherry outside the goblet by moving only two craft sticks? The goblet must maintain its original shape. Use craft sticks, toothpicks, or other small objects to experiment and find the solution.

Find the Right Answer Right Away!

Can you find a single word that links the two clues together? The word will have two different meanings but only one spelling.

Example: Where you keep your money. Bank The edge of a river.

  1. A dirty dish’s worst nightmare. ____ “Better patch that leak in your boat, or else!”

  2. “Quick, grab your kite!” ____ That music box won’t start by itself.

  3. “What a new, original idea.” ____ “That story you’re reading sure has a lot of pages.”

  4. This beats scissors any day of the week. ____ “Why does this chair have curved legs?”

  5. Faster than using a pencil. ____ A, B, AB, or O … one of these makes your body go!

  6. The successful aftermath of a sad movie. ____ “Rats! I caught my jacket on an old nail.”

  7. Common ground between a honeydew melon and Jupiter. ____ “I don’t think this boxer can last one more …”

  8. “Speak louder, or the audience in the back won’t be able to hear you.” ____ “Cool volcano! Is it for the science fair?”

  9. Octagonal halters of progress. ____ “Put your name by the X, please.”

A Great-Great Family Riddle

While doing family history, you found an intriguing clue about an ancestor. Scrawled in faint ink was the following information: your great-great-uncle Phillippe had four daughters. Each of those daughters had a brother. How many children did Uncle Phillippe have?


St. Patrick’s Day Puzzler

Shamrock and roll

Ice Cream Quandary

The key is to shift the horizontal stick halfway to the right or left.

Ice cream cone and Cherry

Find the Right Answer Right Away!

  1. sink

  2. wind

  3. novel

  4. rock

  5. type

  6. tear

  7. round

  8. project

  9. sign