Who Knew?

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“Who Knew?” New Era, March 2018

Who Knew?

New Era Magazine, 2018/03 March

Book of Mormon Profile


Amulek recognized Alma from a vision. After feeding Alma, Amulek joined him in preaching to the people of Ammonihah. There he contended with Zeezrom, was imprisoned and beaten, and walked freely out of the collapsed prison. He also taught people in Sidom, Zarahemla, Jershon, and Antionum.

This Date in Church History

  • 1836Kirtland Temple dedicated on March 27.

  • 1842 Relief Society organized on March 17.

  • 1970 First stake organized in Africa on March 22.

  • 1980 Sunday meetings first consolidated into three-hour block in United States and Canada on March 2.

Hymntastic Thought

“The Lord is my light; the Lord is my strength.

I know in his might I’ll conquer at length.

My weakness in mercy he covers with pow’r,

And, walking by faith, I am blest ev’ry hour.”

“The Lord Is My Light,” Hymns, no. 89

I will trust, and not be afraid.

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  • 267,470Total Church membership

  • 430 Congregations

  • 2 Temples

  • 6 Missions today

  • 1947—Year missionaries first entered Guatemala