Facts about Jesus Christ, Facts about You
March 2018

“Facts about Jesus Christ, Facts about You,” New Era, March 2018

Facts about Jesus Christ, Facts about You

Understanding some facts about the Savior and His life can encourage us to believe that following Him really is possible.

Facts about Jesus Christ, Facts about You

Detail from He Is Risen, by Del Parson; background dots from Getty Images

In every way, Jesus Christ is far greater than any of us (see Isaiah 55:8–9; Abraham 3:19). It was no accident that He was the Father’s “Beloved and Chosen from the beginning” (Moses 4:2) and that He obtained the glory He has.

But we shouldn’t think that the Savior’s greatness sets us so far from Him that His invitation to follow Him feels like a call to do the impossible. Modern revelation helps us see just how attainable the goal of following the Savior’s example really is.

Here are some facts about Jesus Christ and some facts about you. These can help you see that you can indeed follow the same basic path He did to obtain a fulness of the blessings Heavenly Father has in store for you.

Jesus Christ …

You …

“Was in the beginning, before the world was” (D&C 93:7).

“Were also in the beginning with the Father” (D&C 93:23).

“Received not of the fulness at the first, but received grace for grace” (D&C 93:12). This means that He didn’t have a complete knowledge of His identity and mission when He first came to earth, nor did He have all power. He grew in knowledge and power from God as He obeyed.

Didn’t have a full knowledge of your identity and purpose when you were born but have grown in that knowledge gradually. Through the Holy Ghost, God gives us spiritual knowledge and power “line upon line, precept upon precept” (2 Nephi 28:30).

“Continued from grace to grace, until he received a fulness” (D&C 93:13).

Can also receive a fulness through Jesus Christ—if you keep God’s commandments (see D&C 93:27).

“Waxed [grew] strong in spirit” (Luke 2:40).

Are getting stronger in spirit by both learning and applying gospel principles.

“Increased in wisdom …

Are increasing in wisdom through education, good decisions, and experience.

“And stature,

Are growing physically.

“And in favour with God …

Can gain Heavenly Father’s favor by keeping the commandments.

“And man” (Luke 2:52).

Can gain the trust of your parents and others by showing increased maturity and responsibility.

“Was in all points tempted like as we are, …

Are tempted.

“Yet without sin” (Hebrews 4:15).

Have sinned (as all people have)—but can be cleansed from sin through Jesus Christ’s Atonement by repenting, being baptized, receiving the Holy Ghost, and partaking of the sacrament.

Of course, other facts about Jesus Christ can show you how you are or can be following Him (for instance, He was baptized, and you have been—or can be—too). And learning about Jesus Christ can help you see that when it comes to your path in this life, He truly “marked the path and led the way, and ev’ry point defines” (“How Great the Wisdom and the Love,” Hymns, no. 195).