The Small and Simple Invitation
April 2017

“The Small and Simple Invitation,” New Era, April 2017

The Small and Simple Invitation

Kelly D., Maine, USA

young man break dancing

Illustrations by Dan Burr

At my first school dance, I felt awkward and out of place until I joined a group of friends on the dance floor and started having fun. Then I noticed a boy I knew standing by himself in a corner. He was shy and a little different, so people avoided him. I felt prompted to invite him to dance with us, but I was shy too. Then I remembered how I’d felt at the beginning of the dance.

I asked one of my friends to come with me, and we went to ask the boy to dance with our group. He seemed unsure and said, “I don’t know if I can really keep a beat.” We replied with a laugh that we couldn’t either. He slowly nodded and followed us.

For a few minutes, we were dancing while the boy just stood there. I was starting to doubt whether I’d done the right thing. But then a new song came on, and he smiled. “This is a good one,” he said, starting to dance. He was really good! Other people began to notice. Then the boy started break dancing! It was amazing! Soon a whole circle of people stood around him, clapping and smiling. My friend leaned over to me and said, “Look what you started.” I grinned and knew we did the right thing. Like Alma 37:6 says, “By small and simple things are great things brought to pass.” I am grateful that I had the Holy Ghost as my companion that night.