Fun Stop
April 2017

“Fun Stop,” New Era, April 2017

Fun Stop

Fun Stop

Brain Wrestle!

Forget arm wrestling, it’s time for a brain wrestle! For this exercise two different parts of your brain will battle to solve the problem on their own, but you’ll need to make them work together. As fast as you can, try speaking out loud the color of each word, not the word itself. (Example: for the first one, you would say “orange.”)

Bonus: Try this activity with a friend. Time yourselves to see who can do it the fastest. For an added challenge, try alternating words.

An Ambush of … What?

You know “a herd of cattle” and “a pride of lions”—but do you know what a group of stingrays is called? See if you can match the animals below with their crazy group names! (Answers below.)

  1. Wolves

  2. Bees

  3. Giraffes

  4. Wombats

  5. Crows

  6. Tigers

  7. Stingrays

  8. Ferrets

  9. Spiders

  10. Camels

  11. Lizards

  12. Salamanders

  1. Caravan

  2. Tower

  3. Murder

  4. Congress

  5. Ambush

  6. Wisdom

  7. Pack

  8. Fever

  9. Lounge

  10. Swarm

  11. Cluster

  12. Business

A Riddle of Curelom Proportions

A Jaredite farmer brings a curelom, a rabbit, and a bag of curelom feed to a river. He’s in a real pickle! The raft is only big enough for him to bring one thing across at a time. He can’t leave the curelom alone with the feed, because then the feed would vanish.

Also, as any Jaredite knows, cureloms are deathly afraid of rabbits (at least, they could be). So he can’t leave those two alone together or the curelom would run away. Luckily, rabbits think curelom feed is gross, so those two can be left alone, no problem.

How does he carry all three across the river? (Answer below).


An Ambush of … What?

  1. G

  2. J

  3. B

  4. F

  5. C

  6. E

  7. H

  8. L

  9. K

  10. A

  11. I

  12. D

A Riddle of Curelom Proportions

Our crafty Jaredite farmer must carry the curelom across the river more than once. First trip, the curelom. Next, the rabbit. Then he leaves the rabbit on the far bank and brings back the curelom. Now he takes the feed across, leaving the curelom behind. Then the rabbit and feed are on the far side and he simply goes back for the curelom.