Fun Stop

    “Fun Stop,” New Era, March 2017

    Fun Stop

    New Era Magazine, 2017/03 Mar

    Not a Moment to Lose

    The stakes aren’t quite life and death, but they’re close. You’re at your favorite amusement park, and you only have three hours to hit all your favorite rides. The only way to do so is to not backtrack EVEN ONCE! Ready, set, go!

    Rhyme Time

    Ever heard of a “hink pink”? It’s a two-word rhyming solution to a puzzle, where each word in the answer has the same number of syllables.

    Example: what would you call highly unusual facial hair? Weird beard! Try to solve the following hink pinks. Answers below.

    1. Laban’s favorite weapon, with nothing interesting to do._________________ _________________

    2. A pedal-propelled mode of transportation made from frozen water._________________ _________________

    3. An outstanding marsupial._________________ _________________

    4. Naomi’s daughter-in-law, tellin’ it like it is._________________ _________________

    5. A magical grasshopper._________________ _________________

    6. If Laman and Lemuel’s dad were about two feet tall._________________ _________________

    7. A confident and hopeful, tuxedoed resident of the South Pole._________________ _________________

    8. A moat-worthy fortress where people give you a hard time._________________ _________________

    9. Sending someone away because they brought you one of Paul’s letters._________________ _________________

    10. A ball-shaped, divine act._________________ _________________

    11. Pet dogs (OK, not really) of the prophet in the lion’s den._________________ _________________

    12. The ability to clearly see the pure love of Christ._________________ _________________

    “Dear Pahoran …”

    Captain Moroni’s assistant headed to the market to buy paper and ink. A scroll of paper and bottle of ink had the combined cost of a few shiblons of silver, which we’ll call $1.10. The paper cost one dollar more than the ink. How much did the ink cost? Check your answer below.


    Rhyme Time

    1. bored sword

    2. icicle bicycle

    3. awesome possum

    4. Ruth truth

    5. hocus locust

    6. knee-high Lehi

    7. sanguine penguin

    8. hassle castle

    9. epistle dismissal

    10. spherical miracle

    11. Daniel’s spaniels

    12. charity clarity

    “Dear Pahoran …”

    The ink cost 5 cents (not 10).