20 Ways to Honor Mom and Dad
March 2017

“20 Ways to Honor Mom and Dad,” New Era, March 2017

20 Ways to Honor Mom and Dad

Here are some things you may already be doing or may never have thought of. Either way, try them out!

20 Ways to Honor Mom and Dad

You know that honoring parents is a commandment (see Exodus 20:12). But did you also know that it’s about more than just obeying what they say? When you focus on getting to know your parents and building a relationship with them, you can find lots of ways to honor them. Even the little things count! Check out some of these ideas for fun and simple ways you can honor your parents every day. NE

  • Help plan family home evening.

  • Cheer up your siblings.

  • Talk with your parents about your plans for the future. Ask their opinions.

  • Ask your parents about their childhood and teenage years.

  • Do one of the chores your parents usually reserve for themselves.

  • Give your parents a sincere compliment. Tell them when they’re doing a good job.

  • Ignore your phone during dinner or family meetings.

  • Control the volume of your voice, even when you’re upset.

  • Make a sincere comment or ask an honest question during family scripture study.

  • Go grocery shopping with your parents.

  • Pray for your parents one at a time during your personal prayers.

  • Spend time doing some of your parents’ favorite activities with them. (If you don’t know what those are yet, just ask!)

  • Pick a family rule that is hard for you to remember, and practice keeping it for a week.

  • Tell your parents about your last date or about something fun you did with your friends recently.

  • Make a goal to tell your friends only positive things about your parents.

  • Share with your parents something you learned in Sunday School, other Church meetings, or even during your personal scripture study.

  • Ask your parents how their day went. Bonus points if you ask about a specific thing you know was making them stressed.

  • Catch yourself before you say something to a sibling that might hurt their feelings.

  • Research your family historywith your parents, and take family names to the temple with them.

  • Tell your parents you love them.